The art of Coco Chocolatier


We choose Coco as our chocolate supplier because its ethical standards and passion for art make it a truly unique product. We wanted to share their story with you...

Coco has been sourcing its product 'at origin' since 2016, when it began collaborating with Luker - a Colombian company working with cacao farmers across the country.

The cacao supplied by the farmers across Colombia is tested and, following a high-quality standard check, the cacao beans are taken to Luker’s facility in Bogotá. Here the beans are processed into different chocolate products. In Coco's particular case, they are made into chocolate couverture - high-quality chocolate buttons - which travel all the way to Edinburgh, Scotland, where Coco's team of chocolatiers works them into chocolate products.

In purchasing a product that is finished at origin, more wealth stays within the country, which is a developing economy. To further contribute to Colombia's economic development, Coco partners with Luker to teach local farmers how best to cultivate their land and get more from their yield.

It's quite common for people in this industry to never visit the countries they source products from, but Coco makes a point to regularly check in and ensure its chocolate is produced ethically. 

Added to all of that is the meticulous attention to detail seen in each product which features unique flavour combinations. The company works with established and emerging artists from all over the world to create miniature works of art to encase each product.

This chocolate truly combines a passion for art and chocolate, so whether it's the old-school flavour paring that delivers fruity sweetness with a warming spice finish in the Rhubarb and ginger combo or the aromatic lemon & lime oils give that give the Gin & Tonic bar its subtle & refreshing taste, treat yourself to a delicious piece of art this year.