Data Protection & Privacy Policy

At Earlybird Designs we don't believe in messing around with your data. We will only ever use the information we collect about you lawfully, in accordance with the Data Protection Act including the General Data Protection Regulation updates which came into effect May 28th 2018.

When you buy something from us the only details we request, and hold on our system, are your name and address. Without these we wouldn't be able to deliver you goods or offer you an efficient after-sales service. We NEVER share this information with anyone. It is purely for use in connection with your order.
When you sign up to an account the same information is requested along with an email and a telephone number should you wish to provide it. Again this information is purely for us to provide you with an efficient service and is never shared with any third parties.


If you choose to sign up to our Newsletter - thank you. In return we promise never to send you more than three emails a month and to never pass your information on to any third parties.
If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter just send an email to with 'unsubscribe' in the title or click the relevant links in your next newsletter.


Http cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored on a your web browser. These pieces of data are stored in a cookie, so when the user returns to this site previous browsing activity can be retrieved, such as a record of past pages visited.

We recommend that our customers allow the use of cookies in order to get the best out of our site. Cookies, won't harm your computer and it won't allow us to store any payment details. What they do allow us to do is to remember items in your shopping basket that you put there on your last visit or show you a list of products you previously looked at.

However if you wish to delete or disallow cookies, this can be easily done by clicking on these links provided:

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Cookies used by Earlybird Designs:

@basket: is used to allow your shopping basket to work, by remembering the products you have placed in it.
last_viewed_products: this tells you which products you last viewed, you can easily delete this cookie by clicking 'clear list'.

3rd party cookies used by Earlybird Designs:

We use Google Analytics in order to help us understand how visitors use our site. Google Analytics provides us with random information on how our website is used. This information is hugely appreciated as i